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4 Steps to Using a Self-Storage Unit to Downsize Your Home

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Using a self-storage unit is a good way to downsize your home or apartment. The lower mortgage or rent payment you might have with a smaller home can be well worth the cost of a storage unit, and smaller homes and apartments are often easier to maintain and may mean lower utility costs. The one drawback to using a self-storage unit is that many people simply don’t know how to downsize or let go of items they’ve had around the house for years and years. Consider the steps needed to do this. 1. Start by purging Purging can be difficult for those who have a hard time letting go of their things, but it’s good to go through clothes, tools, sporting goods and equipment, and other items that you haven’t used in the past two or three years and get rid of those first. Donate them if they’re still useable; this might make you feel better about letting them go. Ask yourself how it would really affect you if you tossed out old trophies and holiday decorations you no longer use, and if the answer is that it wouldn’t affect you at all then these items can be tossed or donated. 2. Go through sentimental items Sentimental items are those that you want to keep but don’t necessarily use on a regular basis. These are good items to put in a storage unit since you won’t typically need to access them, but you aren’t getting rid of them either. Invest in sturdy rubber totes to keep them safe. 3. Pack up seasonal items Seasonal items are another good choice for putting into a storage unit as you will only need these for a short time throughout the year. Seasonal items can include winter or summer clothes, holiday items, linens such as heavy blankets you don’t use during summertime, and sporting goods. During the summer your skis and snowboard should be in your storage unit and during wintertime you can trade these for your bike. 4. Store away bulky tools you rarely use If you use your portable compressor only on occasion or have a bulky sewing machine that you use a few times every year, these items can also be put in your storage unit. They are still accessible for when you do need to make repairs or tackle other projects, but they’re not underfoot every single day. Follow these simple steps and suggestions for using a self-storage unit with companies such as Zippy Removals & Storage and you’ll find that downsizing to a smaller home is much less difficult than you...

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How To Pick A Winning Home Builder For Your Project

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If you are about to embark on building your home, you need to ensure that the builder spearheading that project can deliver. Whether you’re carrying out renovations and repairs or building from the ground up, construction allows no room for error. To get this done, you need to have a stand-out builder on your side. Here are some important things to look out for during this process. Examine their past projects The first thing you should ask a builder about is their past work. This is the surest way to decide if they measure up to the task ahead or not. Past projects will give you a glimpse into the depths of their skill and experience. By seeing what works they have undertaken before, you get tangible evidence of what they can accomplish. Despite what your builder says, it’s only by looking at their past work that you can really determine if you’re on the same page or not. This will help you decide if you should proceed with the vetting process or let the builder go. Overall, this step will help you save time by sieving candidates that don’t fit the bill. Find out what ideas they can bring to the table As the person in charge of your construction project, your ideal builder should be innovative and ready to handle all manner of challenges. This calls for an individual that is creative and open to taking on difficult projects. A winning home builder therefore needs to have the prowess to make decisions on their own feet. To establish if your builder can hack it, engage them constructively. Ask them how they can handle your project to make it more architecturally appealing, save costs, reduce construction time, save energy and so on. Your ideal builder should cement your ideas with skillful suggestions that add value to your plans. What’s their reputation? Credentials aside, building a home takes quite some time. During this time, you will be working closely with your builder, evaluating progress and deciding on ways forward. It’s therefore very important that you have a seamless working relationship throughout. Since it’s difficult to gauge the character of your builder during the interview process, ask to talk to some of their past clients. Find out from them what the builder’s reputation is. Do they finish work in time, are they easy to work with and are they honest? Only they can shine light on this, as they have gone through the experience with the builder in question. At the end of the line, it will be very clear who you should team up with to build your home. If you don’t get a winning builder the first time, keep looking. The quality of your home depends on it. For more information, contact a company such as Seapointe...

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3 People Who Should Put Emergency Locksmiths On Speed Dial

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People don’t really choose convenient times to get locked out, so it’s nice to find a service that is available throughout the day. Without a 24 hour locksmith, can you imagine the thought of being locked out of your home late at night and waiting till morning to get through to a service? If you’re the type of person that forgets keys or may soon be called an ex, there’s nothing better than having quick access to a 24 hour locksmith. Here are 3 people who should have an emergency locksmith in their area on speed dial. The Routine Key-Forgetter You’ve left your keys indoors while walking out of your home for a midnight snack. There’s no other choice but to call a 24 hour locksmith to help you get back in. Bear in mind that emergency services will cost you a little more than a regular service. Even though it may be hard paying that extra money, it’s certainly better than waiting till the next morning to call a service. Expect to pay an emergency locksmith services between $80 and $120. You might find it handy to inquire with a few services well before any lockout situation arises, so that you get the best value for money when you find yourself in one. Hopefully, you didn’t leave your phone indoors when you locked yourself out either. The Soon-To-Be Divorcee This is a tough place to be in – especially when your soon-to-be-ex locks you out of the house in the middle of a cold winter’s night with nothing but the shirt on your back. It’s still your house too, so call in a 24 hour locksmith – this way you can at least get access to a warm sweater before you head out again to spend the night at the far more welcoming park bench. The Landlord With Troubled Tenants Your neighbour just called in to say that no one has seen your troubled tenant for the last ten days. It’s usually never a good sign and enough for any tenant to be concerned. An emergency locksmith will arrive at your doorstep in a few minutes, so that you can quickly assess the situation in your rented house. When employing a 24 hour locksmith like Ameen’s Locksmith, try and provide as many details as you can about your door locking system in advance – this way they will know which tools to bring to get into your home quicker....

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How To Keep Your Plantation Shutters Clean And Pristine

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Window shutters easily add value to your home, but if neglected, they become dirty and they can turn from a beautiful add-on into a blemish on your property. Luckily, they are easy to clean and maintain. You should clean them periodically to prevent dust and stain build up. Regular dusting Your plantation shutters need to be dusted every couple of weeks to prevent them from accumulating grime. You can use a dusting cloth or a disposable duster do so. Open the shutters and dust the entire structure from top to bottom. Pay particular attention to the upper side of each slat on your blinds, because that is where most of the dust will settle. Dust each shutter on both sides, as well as the window details and sill. This basic cleaning process should keep your plantation shutters looking great for years to come, but there is more you can do. Basic cleaning for vinyl or painted plantation shutters If your shutters need an extra dose of care, you can use a simple mix of a teaspoon of dish soap in a gallon of hot water. Dip a soft cloth or sponge in the solution and wring it thoroughly. The sponge or cloth should be barely damp, or else you’ll have water streaks leftover after cleaning. Clean as you would if you would be dusting, from the top towards the bottom, one slat at a time. Afterwards, pass over where you cleaned with a dry cloth to remove any water or soap residue. Basic cleaning for wooden shutters If your roller shutters are classical plantation shutters and thus made of wood, you should avoid water and soap as it may warp the wood or even stain it. Wood plantation shutters should be cleaned at least once a week using your vacuum, with the soft brush attachment. If your shutters come in contact with a lot of pet hair, dust or pollen, you may need to vacuum them more often.   Every month you should wipe them with a dusting and with wood polish after dusting them thoroughly. This will keep the wood shiny and vibrant. If your shutter’s wood has small grooves or crevices that have collected dust and dirt, you can spray a toothbrush with polish and use it to clean out the hard-to-reach areas. If you still can’t clean them like that, try a cotton bud dampened with spray polish. Cleaning exterior plantation shutters Exterior shutters accumulate much more dust and grime than interior ones, so their cleaning should be more thorough. Begin cleaning by using a water hose to spray away any loose dirt or debris. If you have a pressure washer then use that, as it will likely do an even better job than the hose and even completely eliminate the need for dusting. After washing the shutters, you can clean them using the same procedure for the vinyl/painted interior shutters. Shutters are a durable item, and if cleaned often and thoroughly they can look like new for years to come. For more information, contact a company like Queensland Blinds and...

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Three Types of Wood Used to Make Furniture

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Wood is the most widely used material in the making of furniture. It is a material of choice for a number of reasons: it is renewable, versatile and has unmatched durability. As an organic material, certain types of wood are native to certain regions. This means that different types of wooden furniture would be more common in these areas than others. Here is a closer look at the different types of wood used in the creation of furniture items. Cedar Cedar wood has a reddish color and is classified as a soft wood. It’s known for its characteristic sweet odor, which makes it the material of choice for chest making and lining of indoor closets. Some of the advantages of using cedar wood in the creation of furniture items include: Resistance to humidity and temperature changes. Cedar wood has a higher resistance to extreme conditions of temperature and humidity. The higher resistance makes it difficult for cedar wood to shrink, wrap or swell under the mentioned conditions. Thermal insulation. Cedar wood is also advantageous in the sense that it naturally has thermal insulation properties thanks to its large number of cell cavities. Uniform texture. The uniform texture of this type of wood gives furniture items a classic finish Chestnut Chestnut is also commonly used to make furniture. It is a hardwood that comes in a number of variations, the most common of which is referred to as Spanish chestnut. Chestnut is known to lose its durability if the trees are grown beyond half a decade. This is why it is never easy to get large and long pieces of timber cut from a chestnut tree. It is for the same reason that this type of wood is a preferred material in the creation of small pieces of outdoor furniture which require great durability. Elm Elm trees provide timber that has interlocking grains. Interlocking grains are important because they make it difficult for the wood to split. This is the number one reason why wood from elm trees is used for furniture. Another great quality about elm wood is that it comes in long planks thanks to the long and straight trunks of the elm tree. Elm wood is also highly resistance to corrosion and provides great mechanical strength when used on furniture items. There are several other types of wood used for furniture. For more of these, visit local wood furniture or building material providers such as Calco Trusses &...

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3 Reasons Why You Should Undertake Tree Removal

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Trees are a great component of the natural environment. There are several benefits of having many trees around you, including the aesthetic value that trees add to the environment. However, there comes a point when the trees in your environment begin to be more harmful than useful, creating the need for you to undertake tree removal. Here are a few reasons why tree removal may be necessary. The Tree Serves As A Habitat For Dangerous Animals One thing about having trees is that they will attract various forms of animal life from insects to birds. These animals can easily find their way into adjacent buildings especially via tall tree branches. You know it’s time to undertake tree removal when the trees in your immediate environment begin to attract the wrong kind of animal life. A good example of this is snakes. It’s important to point out that the kinds of animals that will make a habitat out of your trees depend on the tree species. This means that you should take time to identify the right tree species if you hope to avoid tree removal once the tree has grown to maturity.   There Is Over-Crowding Trees need to get adequate nourishment for their survival. While you may wish to have a forest of trees, the truth is that the size of your property can only support a certain number of trees without much difficulty. The problem of over-crowded trees is that they compete for sunlight, space and soil nutrients. This competition may not always be healthy and tree removal helps to salvage the situation. Tree removal will help create adequate space and provide adequate light for remaining trees. This will greatly encourage their healthy growth and development. There Is An Outbreak Of Tree Diseases When there’s a major outbreak of any tree disease, you should immediately think of calling the tree removal specialist. This is because some tree diseases can easily be spread from one tree to the other. The best way to prevent this is to completely eliminate the affected tree or trees. Apart from diseases, you should also think of removal when there is an insect infestation on one or more of your trees. In conclusion, it is necessary to point out that tree removal is not an activity you should undertake on your own. There are a number of great risks involved, especially when the removal involves large trees. This is why you should always hire the services of a tree removal specialist like Woodpecker Tree...

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